February Blog

We’re off to a great start. Where to begin? So much has happened!

I did my first radio and television interviews. Both were fun, but my favorite was the television interview. There was so much cool equipment. I couldn’t WAIT to see how it all worked! First, that chalk board behind us… it wasn’t even really THERE! It was all just… green! Green walls all around us! Nothing but green. You could put anything you could IMAGINE on the green screens! I might have chosen the beach, but I guess a chalk board is more formal.

I have also received letters from Connecticut's' Kid Governor Ella and PETA Kids. I am so grateful for all the support I have received, together we can all make a huge difference.

My family and I wanted to support my Executive Councilor Evelyn’s platform, so we volunteered at End 68 Hours of Hunger. It is a great organization and the volunteers work really hard. I thought it was cool that there were quite a few other kids volunteering as well.

At End 68 Hours of Hunger, a lot of the food came on trays that could be used for kitty litter at the Humane Society, so we collected and delivered all of the trays that we could find. The Humane Society was very grateful!

Finally, I would like to say, these are all things anyone could do, because we all have the choice. We all have the power to do great things, so choose to use your power for good!

Next, I get my commendation and desk at the mayor’s office. Stay tuned next month!

Kid Governor Lola Giannelli, signing out for now.