New Hampshire's Kid Executive Council 

New Hampshire's Kid Executive Council consists of the Kid Governor and the two other candidates, who counsel and advise the Kid Governor throughout his or her term. The Kid Executive Council meets periodically with the Kid Governor. They use these meetings to discuss how they can support the Kid Governor’s campaign initiatives in their own communities and raise awareness of their platform across the state.

NH Kid Executive Councilor Ben
Beaver Meadow School student, Ben Vachon, was one of three candidates in the very first New Hampshire’s first Kid Governor election! He campaigned on the platform of reducing food waste and suggested ways to compost, recycle, and share food at school. Ben lives in Concord with his mom and dad.

Ben’s 3 Point Action Plan:
  • Recycle cafeteria waste when possible
  • Create a compost bin outside the school to use for school gardens
  • Provide a Share Table for kids who need a snack at school

NH Kid Executive Councilor Evelyn
Canterbury Elementary School student Evelyn Ellis-Haines was born in Concord, New Hampshire on April 8, 2008. She has lived many places, currently residing in Belmont with her mom and Concord with her dad. Aside from her Elementary school studies, Evelyn studies dance, violin, German and kempo. With the support of her classmates and teachers, she collected over 700 items in a clothing drive at her school, which she donated to help families facing homelessness in the winter.

Evelyn’s 3 Point Action Plan:
  • Launch a writing campaign to the governor
  • Fundraise for homeless shelters by selling homemade sweatshirt bags and bracelets
  • Start a warm clothing drive to collect and donate items in the winter