About New Hampshire's Kid Governor®

Learn more about New Hampshire’s Kid Governor® (NHKG), a national award-winning civics program for 5th graders led by thNew Hampshire Institute for Civics Education and New Hampshire Institute of Politics with support from the New Hampshire State House and Department of Education. 

As an educator or parent, you witness the enthusiasm kids have to better the world around them. This program will harness that enthusiasm to encourage action through civic participation.

Students and classrooms can participate in New Hampshire’s Kid Governor® in two exciting ways: nominate a 5th grade student for Kid Governor and then vote in the election, or participate in the election as a "voting-only" class.

The New Hampshire’s Kid Governor® Advisory Board works to select the final seven candidates for the Statewide Election and continues to support the program year-round.

Kid Governor® was created in 2015 Connecticut Democracy Center. New Hampshire's Kid Governor® is its third state-based affiliate program.