The following were nominated by their schools for the office of
2018 Connecticut’s Kid Governor®

The following 5th graders were chosen by their classmates as their school's nominee in the 2017 Statewide Election for Connecticut's Kid Governor. They crafted strong platforms around important community issues and are encouraged to continue advocating for change in their communities.

Candidate’s Name: Aliana Rosa
Candidate’s Community Issue: Supporting Non-Kill Shelters
Candidate’s School: Highland Park Elementary School (Manchester)

Candidate’s Name: Clara Fisher 
Candidate’s Community Issue: Literacy
Candidate’s School: Nathan Hale Elementary School (Meriden)

Candidate’s Name: Diamond Ellis 
Candidate’s Community Issue: Littering
Candidate’s School: Wish Museum School (Hartford)

Candidate’s Name: Holden Wright
Candidate’s Community Issue: Homelessness
Candidate’s School: Ana Grace Academy of the Arts (Avon)

Candidate’s Name: Jasmine Brown 
Candidate’s Community Issue: Kid/Teen Smoking Prevention
Candidate’s School: John F. Kennedy Elementary School (Windsor)

Candidate’s Name: Jaylen Alcime 
Candidate’s Community Issue: School Lunches
Candidate’s School: Prudence Crandall Elementary School (Enfield)

Candidate’s Name: Kailani Galan 
Candidate’s Community Issue: Drug Awareness
Candidate’s School: Waddell Elementary School (Manchester)

Candidate’s Name: Laura Rochedieu 
Candidate’s Community Issue: Eradicating Homelessness
Candidate’s School: Charles Wright Elementary School (Wethersfield)

Candidate’s Name: Mariah Parker 
Candidate’s Community Issue: Helping Students
Candidate’s School: Benjamin Franklin Elementary School (Meriden)

Candidate’s Name: Nathanial Valiente 
Candidate’s Community Issue: Bullying
Candidate’s School: Kennelly Elementary School (Hartford)

Candidate’s Name: Olivia Aiken
Candidate’s Community Issue: Helping the Less Fortunate
Candidate’s School: Washington Elementary School (Manchester)

Candidate’s Name: Shane Esposito 
Candidate’s Community Issue: Climate Change
Candidate’s School: Totoket Valley Elementary School (North Branford)

Candidate’s Name: Christopher Dubay-DeLaura 
Candidate’s Community Issue: Cyberbullying
Candidate’s School: Bowers Elementary (Manchester)

Candidate’s Name: David Garcia 
Candidate’s Community Issue: Pollution
 Candidate’s School: Franklin Elementary School (Stratford)

Candidate’s Name: Ella Garbarsky
Candidate’s Community Issue: Exercise
Candidate’s School: Thomas Hooker Elementary School (Meriden)

Candidate’s Name: Jacie Carrero 
Candidate’s Community Issue: Homelessness
Candidate’s School: John Barry Elementary School (Meriden)

Candidate’s Name: Jaya Pichay
Candidate’s Community Issue: Littering
Candidate’s School: Pleasant Valley Elementary School South Windsor)

Candidate’s Name: Jennifer Dawson 
Candidate’s Community Issue: Bullying Prevention
Candidate’s School: Wolfpit School (Norwalk)

Candidate’s Name: Keegan Covello 
Candidate’s Community Issue: Distracted Driving
Candidate’s School: Woodstock Middle School (Woodstock)

Candidate’s Name: Manuel Ramirez 
Candidate’s Community Issue: Help Fight Hunger
Candidate’s School: Roger Sherman Elementary School (Meriden)

Candidate’s Name: Nathalia Bonilla 
Candidate’s Community Issue: Helping Animal Shelters
Candidate’s School: Casimir Pulaski Elementary School (Meriden)

Candidate’s Name: Nevaeh Nieves
Candidate’s Community Issue: Anti-Bullying
Candidate’s School: Martin Elementary School (Manchester)

Candidate’s Name: Olivia Pisacane
Candidate’s Community Issue: Smoking Awareness
Candidate’s School: John F. Kennedy Elementary School (Milford)

Candidate’s Name: Soleil Burrier
Candidate’s Community Issue: Diversity
Candidate’s School: Dr. Thomas S. O'Connell Elementary School (East Hartford)